Hersteller: North Sails

OK North Sail - Typ KAP3

Art.Nr.: NS-OK-KAP3

Hersteller: North Sails


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This is the latest addition to our range of OK sails. It is less broadseam than the KAP-2, producing a straighter exit and making for an easily trimmed sail design. Primarily designed as an all-purpose sail for sailors under 85kg or as a heavy air option for heavier sailors. Retaining the same panel layout and sailcloth as its more powerful cousins the KAP-1 & 2. Best suited to sailors 75-85kg. Each sail is cut specifically to suit your mast bend. 

Please confirm mast manufacturer when placing an order to ensure the correct sized luff elastic is supplied.

Standard Features

  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Vision window
  • Epoxy battens/Elastic pockets
  • Leech tell tales Luff tell tales
  • Leech line
  • Draft stripes
  • Class royalty tag
  • Long roll bag