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NEW - Sandiline Hiking Long John - Arctic - L

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Hersteller: Sandiline

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The Arctic are the warmest and most comfortable cold weather hikers we made so far.

The top (3mm) , belly area (5mm), lower legs (5mm), under the knees (3mm)and crotch (3mm) where elasticity is needed are made of 5mm or 3mm super-elastic neoprene panels carefully positioned to give
maximum warmth, comfort and performance. The inner lining is a warm and
pleasant to skin micro fleece, while the outer is a nylon lining with a water repellent
coating. The choice and positions of the neoprenes makes this hiker one of the
warmest cold weather neoprene hikers without compromising our well know performance.

To achieve durability and comfort the back side is made with 6,5 mm small diamond
neoprene, the 5 mm neoprene with the thermal lining on the thighs makes the pants warm and rigid where

The pants are equipped with integrated battens made of virtually unbreakable
fibreglass put inside a rubberised PVC net pocket, reinforced with high tenacity
Cordura on the sides and a heavy duty coated PVC outer shell. All the mentioned
combined with the stiffer neoprene on the tights makes you feel like the pants are
part of you.

The »pee« zipper – Users often spend a lot of time in neoprene clothing. We put the
zipper in a horizontal position, where other items or clothing, like spray-tops & PFD's
cannot interfere with the opening procedure.

• integrated battens
• abrasion resistant reinforcements on knees and seat part
• 5mm neoprene with thermal lining on upper legs to give warmth and keep the battens firmly in place
• 4-way super-stretch 5mm for warmth & comfort
• 4-way super-stretch 3mm inserts for freedom of movement
• glued & double blind stitched
• micro-fleece inner lining for the top, the belly area, the lower legs, at the crotch and under the knees
• non-stretchable "hold" application on the back to prevent the hikers from sliding too low

Sizes: S – 2XL
Composition: 80% Neoprene, 20% Nylon


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